Little Sun Diamond

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Proposal for a park. Recalibrating the senses. Foundation De 11 Lijnen. Oudenburg, Belgium.…

Festival of Future Nows is a marathon remedy for apathy and dissociation, taking place at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin next week, 14–17 September. More than a hundred artists associated with the Institut will be presenting works, interventions and performances for four intense days at the museum, looking to the future, being the future now Institute für Raumexperimente

Little Sun Diamond

The 5 years of Institute für Raumexperimente seen through its archive footage
Movements Are Facts: A film by Natascha Mendonca

How art and tech can turn thinking into doing. Olafur live @techfestivalcph tonight at 20:30 via…

To mark Little Sun's 5th anniversary, I have created a new Little Sun - it's a work of art and is called Little Sun Diamond! My work in general is about potential, about turning thinking into doing. With Little Sun Diamond, you can harvest the sunlight during the day and illuminate your night with it. In doing so, you can help us deliver clean energy to areas of the world without access to power. The Little Sun Diamond has a faceted, crystalline lens and comes with a stand, so that you can choose whether to use it as a table lamp or as a small glowing sculpture in your art collection.
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Creativity is not an isolated formal exercise but plays an integral part in the processes of our world @LittleSun

Virtual reality has potential to become a platform for new ways of experiencing if we include the body in the virtu…

Little Sun

designboom (DB): what drives your continued interest in working with light?

olafur eliasson (OE): we take light for granted when we can turn it on with a switch whenever we want to, but light has an incredible effect on everything we do and how we do it. in my artworks dealing with light, I am interested in making people aware of the significance of their surroundings, heightening their perceptions. little sun builds on this, in that it deals with the role light plays in perpetuating structural disadvantages.

DB: as an artist and designer, how do social and environmental conditions and affect your creative thinking?

OE: I would say that social and environmental conditions are not external to creativity. creativity is in fact not an isolated formal exercise but one which plays an integral part in the processes of our world. the essence of success in designing something comes from the consequences that the design has in the world. social and environmental conditions are never separated from creative activity.

DB: what lies at the core of little sun’s mission, and why is this initiative so important to you?

OE: little sun’s mission is about spreading energy access for all. there are 1.1 billion people around the world who do not have ready access to electricity. imagine that. not having light affects everything you do – a child who does not have light cannot read or study in the evening, doctors cannot make house calls to deliver babies, people have to stop working once it gets dark.

This is a great structural disadvantage, which I believe we need to correct. many people use kerosene lamps or candles instead, and these have adverse effects on their health and on air quality. it’s also tied to the un sustainable development goals, specifically to decreasing poverty, expanding access to quality education, improving gender equality, providing affordable and clean energy, and protecting the environment.

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Social and environmental conditions are never separated from creative activity. @designboom @LittleSun

"I am very happy to get my solar lantern. My ambition to study has increased and I know this will make me be a doctor someday. My home is full of light every night. I used to sleep around 19.30, but nowadays I sleep around 21.30 after studying. The happiest moment is when I see my mother being able to do some other home chores at night unlike before I got the solar lantern." Abdillah (8) is one of the first children in Tanzania to receive Little Sun Diamond. As always, every Little Sun Diamond sold on grid delivers one Little Sun to an African community without electricity at a local affordable price. Little Sun

This is the @LittleSun Diamond! A pocket-sized, light-weight lamp, powered by the sun. Available to buy now from…

Cumulative CO2 emissions since 1960 - another powerful visualization by Antti Lipponen. Giving climate change a shape helps us understand it emotionally, turning abstract data into felt feeling.

Book for free download: To the habitants of space in general and the spatial inhabitants in particular #thorsteinn