Kick-Off Workshop in Bait Tarkib, 7 - 8 July 2018, Baghdad with Christina Werner/Institut für Raumexperimente (Click on image for more) The workshop will be followed up by long-distances lectures and workshops over the autumn. You can read more on the institut’s website: Hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute. Special thanks to Hella Mewis. This event is part of a workshop series “Arts Seminar in Baghdad”, conceived and organised by the Goethe-Institut Irak, in collaboration with the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institut for Spatial Experiments), Berlin and hosted by TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute in BAIT TARKIB.

Improvised acoustic experiment, Abu Nawas Theate. Kick-Off Workshop in Bait Tarkib, 2018, Baghdad

From August 11 until October 28 chef Victoria Eliasdóttir and her brother Olafur Eliasson open SOE KITCHEN 101 as a temporary culinary space in Reykjavik - book your table now

Responding to the local context SOE KITCHEN 101 are working closely with a number of local producers in Iceland. Biologist Eyjofur Fridgeirsson is the founder of Islensk Hollusta, who will be providing the kitchen with seaweed

Today in Greenland - an iceberg more than a hundred meters high approaches the village of Innaarsuit - all inhabitants evacuated.…
Photo: Karl Petersen/Ritzau Scanpix

360° video of Fjordenhus by Dezeen - where you can also read Olafur's interview with Tom Ravenscroft. " The public sector's use of the culture sector has become more or less a promotional one. It has failed to acknowledge that the cultural sector is the one that drives civic trust and social self-confidence. It is the culture that we have that gives us our shared identity."

Photos by Armin Linke from the years 1996 until 2001 (click on image for more)

Olive oil cake with Icelandic skyr. Today's desert at lunch. Don't forget that the studio kitchen is relocating to Marshall House in Reykjavik from August to October. #SOEKitchen101

Erosion, 1997, Cape Town. Now on view at Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town.

Carl Theodor Sørensen (1893-1979), was a Danish landscape architect, and the first professor of the department of Garden Art at The art Academy in Copenhagen. He was very sceptical about the idea of the Romantic Garden - according to him it inserts “mythical content” in between the concrete shapes and the experience of the garden user, who might end being so preoccupied by trying to decode the many meanings and atmospheres that one “looses oneself” in the process. For this reason he only used a limited variety of plants so as to not “distract” the garden user with pompous flower arrangements. “This is not nature, he said about his gardens, but a creative, culture-driven act”. The Musical Garden, Herning, Denmark, started 1945 completed 1956. B/w photos by Christina Capetillo. Naerum Allotment Gardens, 1952. Private garden of his daughter Sonja Poll, Copenhagen. Sketch for amphitheater, 1938 (click on image for more)

The unspeakable openness of things, Red Brick Museum, Beijing, 2018. A film by SHIMURAbros, music by afewnotes

Objects call us – how are you being called? Letting our attention be pulled by the world during an exercise lead by Joseph Dumit. #experimentexperience workshop with @androrff, supported by @volkswagenst

Playing in the field of knowledge-production – #experimentexperience workshop with @androrff, supported by @volkswagenst – here a micro-phenomenology exercise guided by Claire Petitmengin

#fakenature - The mediated motion, Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2001.…