Water pendulum, 2010, and Your sound galaxy, 2012, at Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, 2015
Video: Anti-gravity dance
Planetary perspective is key - this film is important. http://t.co/fuulh4FiPQ @WeArePlanetary @Reconsider @PaulHawken
"If I were a broadcaster, without hesitating a second, I would do a Cultural Online Broadcasting Service" Interview @AlexanderForbes @artsy
Featured time-lapse video: The turning of a sphere - work in progress
Olafur Eliasson: Boros Collection 1994 - 2015 at the Langen Foundation
On view until 18 October, 2015
Featured video: Contact, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, 2014 - 2015
I plunge into black holes and emerge intact. I ride on comets, count galaxies. I'm on speaking terms with light-years… Etel Adnan
Rediscovered film material: Vortex for Lofoten, 1999 http://t.co/yMHZ76AyKf http://t.co/GWCUuyqcOb
Feature: Fivefold symmetries
Video feature: Model room, Louisiana Museum of Modern art
Sliced meteor reveals intricate Widmanstätten pattern. Instagram
Video: Riverbed, 2014, as seen from the perspective of a pair of feet
#EliassonMirrored: over the course of the exhibition, this site will grow with visitors' visual responses, texts, poems, and films
Model room - an archive of potentials, a reality machine. https://t.co/c1NFYNTZs6