Tree of Codes, Manchester International Festival, premieres Friday, 2 July
Cirkelbroen in Copenhagen opens 22 August
This weekend: Connecting cross country with a line, 2013
Part of Doug Aitken's Station to Station at The Barbican, London
Double exposure - with Doug Aitken in Iceland, 2003
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Olafur Eliasson - excerpt from Your Gravitational Now
I make my day by sensing it. Measuring by moving, my body is my brain. My senses are my experiential guides – they generate my innermost awareness of time while generously giving depth to my surroundings. Constantly and critically invested in the world of today, they receive, evaluate, and produce my reality. When I walk or drive through the Icelandic landscape, I sense the surroundings and sense myself searching for sense. This vast landscape is like a test site that nurtures ideas and helps me process them into felt feelings – maybe even into art. Exercising physical and perceptual means of charting out space, of becoming, is for me a way of speaking to the world. This method or ‘technique’ raises questions that might just as easily be asked at different times in different situations, removed from their art context. Depth, time, psychological and physical engagement, perception – topics abound for which the landscape welcomingly offers experimental conditions and material. In Iceland and elsewhere, I continuously exchange my private being for a shared reality. I – sensorium, feelings, memories, convictions, values, thoughts, uncertainties – only am in relation to the collective.

Hiking in Iceland
Visual diary on Instagram
Without entering into the doing the basic thrust of phenomenology is likely to be misunderstood at the least or missed at the most. Don Ihde
Feature: Summer solstice
One of my fav places in Iceland!
New works now on show at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery and neugerriemschneider, Art Basel
Curator, poet and friend Hu Fang contributed to the exciting collection of texts; Supercommunity via @e_flux
What is this? An artist's book that presents a series of photos taken by Elias Hjörleifsson, artist and ship's cook
Homage to P. Schatz, 2012
The geometric properties of an oloid
Water colour sketchbook
We have never been disembodied, 2015 - a film by SHIMURAbros
Interpreting the exhibition at Mirrored Gardens, Guangzhou
More films, images and texts about the exhibition here: #EliassonMirrored