Feature: Cyanometric paintings - a tool for measuring blueness
Verklighetsmaskiner / Reality machines
On view at Moderna Museet/ArkDes, Stockholm until 17 January, 2016
Images and videos from Moderna Museet/ArkDes with #OlafurSthlm
in kalejdoscopic display here

We Have Never Been Displaced by Timothy Morton,
Excerpt from Reality machines catalogue

A funny thing happened on the way to ecological awareness: space collapsed. Us moderns and postmoderns had been banking on place collapsing, all that meaning evaporating in the empty or emptying box of pure difference, or pure mathematics. We were all set to raise a glass to the end of place, which we had been seeing as a distressingly out of date, conservative concept.
But it was space that evaporated, while place remained. This is no longer our familiar, lovable concept of place, however. That concept had to do exclusively with human places. What we are coming to realize is that human places exist within and alongside thousands and thousands of nonhuman places, overlapping, intersecting, interpenetrating with “our” place.
By force majeure, the anthropocentric copyright control on the concept of place has lifted. And space has been revealed as anthropocentric through and through. What an astounding paradox. But it makes perfect sense. Space is really a projection of sets of human tools for accomplishing human goals, like measuring the width of the galaxy or traveling on a highway or planning a building. No matter how big it is, space is the human-scaled concept, handy and universally applicable.

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Space has collapsed and place has emerged in its truly monstrous uncanny dimension, which is to say its nonhuman dimension. @the_eco_thought
Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen, 2015
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Model room has found a permanent home at Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Installation Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2014

In developing and realising my artworks, I always work together with many people. A key protagonist in the studio team during the time period represented by Model room was the late Einar Thorsteinn, a visionary Icelandic architect and mathematician, whose interest in non-Euclidean geometry and fivefold symmetry became central to my work. Model room testifies to my long-standing collaboration and friendship with Einar.

For some years now, I have been looking for a permanent home for Model room, a museum with a strong commitment to spatial and conceptual issues, public discourse, and a precise conservation policy. I couldn’t imagine a better home for Model room than Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

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Your House - an X-ray documentation by SHIMURAbros
Books as sculpture in Your uncertain archive