A metaphor connects two spaces in the world. A mirror does the same: my face, there. In the surroundings of the redbrick buildings at Ebeltoft in Mols, the mirrors are openings in the earth. Among tufts of sapless grass, between the buildings and the sea, the mirrors give the space inside them to the sky, and as sky the earth opens to us, the way a rose opens and reveals its face. The sky in the earth declares itself to us, the way a lover might. We see sky and lover anew, and for the first time. In an unexpected place. From a new and surprising angle. It’s a kind of cubism. Seeing the sky from different sides at once, in a single image. A temporal cubism: we see the glacier lakes of the ice age, in a modern landscape altered by human hand.

Very much looking forward to speak with @holdengraber about Arctic Imagination, 5. April @sortediamant in Copenhage… https://t.co/zaVZq59sbm

It’s all to do with seeing, gaining access. It’s about recollection. Private recollection, and that of the wider community. It’s a matter of digging and uncovering layers of nature. In the mind, and in the landscapes

The Aerocene project by Studio Tomas Saraceno is a series of air-fueled sculptures on a journey around the world flying only by the heat of the sun and infra red radiation from the earth. Check out their website

Preview of Little Sun Diamond - a pocket sized, solar powered lamp, launching in the autumn

Then and now. Glacier in Svalbard Norway. Check out photographer Christian Åslund's important work @Greenpeacehttps://t.co/GMTC6StvKz

Great to see art on @UNFCCC website. It shows a trust in culture that inspires action @JuliesBicycle @Nick_Nuttallhttps://t.co/X8hdkjPNOg

UN LIVE - A Museum for Humanity. Workshop at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2015
Learn more about UN LIVE Museum here

The Aerocene project - Air-fueled sculptures flying only by the sun and infra-red radiation @tomassaracenohttps://t.co/jQoeSwZg33

Too excited not to share a preview of the new Little Sun Diamond with you! Coming in autumn @LittleSunhttps://t.co/6Ooo6nW1dU

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Interesting ideas: Owen Jones meets Dutch thinker Rutger Bregman, who argues that the real crisis of our times is not that we don’t have it good, or even that we might be worse off in the near future - it’s that we don’t have the imagination to come up with anything better

Green light: Open now in Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, and traveling to the 57th Venice Biennale as part of the exhibition Viva Arte Viva

"It matters what thoughts think thoughts. It matters what knowledges know knowledges. It matters what relations relate relations" D. Haraway

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