Joseph Beuys, Capri Battery, 1985

Great feature about our Studio Kitchen and its collaborative process and environmental philosophy in the latest issue of Zeit Magasin

Good design for a bad world - great resource of important projects @dezeen

Water twisting down the bathtub drain, circulating winds of hurricanes, currents in the ocean, and the form of galaxies. Vortex for Lofoten, 1999, Norway

"The capitalist system is based on a fundamental flaw, on misinterpretation of human beings" Muhammad Yunus in great interview with @dnbornstein @Yunus_Centre

Join me tonight @NationalGallery in London, where I speak to @JenniferSliwka in context of their monochrome exhibition.

How can we give knowledge a body? What does a thought feel like, and how can felt knowledge inspire action? #COP23
#IceWatchParis #ParisAgreement @BloombergDotOrg @UNFCCC @UNDP

Ink and watercolour (and light as usual)

Reasons for optimism: Coal production peaked in 2013, and wind and solar energy is soaring!
@guardianeco @dpcarrington @BloombergNEF @LittleSun

The mass of the Greenland ice sheet has rapidly declined in the last several years due to surface melting and iceberg calving. Orange and red shades indicate areas that lost ice mass, while light blue shades indicate areas that gained ice mass. White indicates areas where there has been very little or no change in ice mass since 2002

The morning small cloud

Model for a timeless garden, 2011 - A film by Tomas Gislason

#COP23 starts today!
It's crucial to keep pushing the Paris Agreement. Genuinely hope everyone involved knows this visualisation @UNFCCC

The warming of earth. Observational history of temperature from 1850 until today. Berkeley Earth, US.

Corner of Central Park, NYC: Good Fences Make Good Neighbours - a great work by @aiww with @PublicArtFund

The COP23 climate change summit in Bonn and why it matters! @guardianeco

Come join me, @LittleSun and this amazing line up of musicians & artists @Pathway2Paris on Sunday @carnegiehall NYC

Join us on the Pathway2Paris 5th of November at Carnegie Hall, NYC. Pathway to Paris is a dynamic collaboration between musicians, artists, sustainability consultants, cities and activists to highlight solutions to climate change, and to help turn the Paris Agreement into real action