On June 6th the first exhibition about Olafur's work on paper - Wasser Farben - opens at Pinakotek der Moderne in Munich.

"At a time when the future of Europe seems more uncertain than ever, artists and thinkers from all over the world come together in Amsterdam to exchange ideas about Europe and its future." Act for Democracy @CultForum - May 31- June 3 Amsterdam @DeBalie

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“How would the sea draw itself if it had a fishing boat as its pen?” #drawingmachine Click on image for more

Hildur Guðnadóttir making a drawing with her cello. Life Is Space, 2011 #drawingmachine

#fakenature - our latest feature on the topic as seen through the lens of artist Julian Charrière. #anthropocene

A year in the life of a tree. Every third week the artist Rune Bosse cut a branch of a beech tree, planed it until it was 2-3 mm., then put it in a press to retain the colour of the branch at the precise time of year.

#fakenature 3D-scanning driftwood #studio #anthropocene

Cosmic dialogue - outer space (meteorite) meets inner earth (lava) in a pair of human hands
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Artist Emeka Ogboh visited the studio recently and cooked Nigerian dishes with our kitchen team. See full video on soe.tv where Emeka talks about migration, food, sound and memory, or follow the daily life of the studio kitchen here: instagram.com/soe_kitchen/

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - visiting people who use their Little Sun on a daily basis instead of expensive and unhealthy kerosene. Get your own hand held solar power station here: www.littlesun.com

Sound bath in Reality projector with Jónsi, Alex Somers, and Paul Corley. The Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, 2018

Per Kirkeby (1938-2018) Plank - Stone, 2000. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
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Thomas Demand, Clearing, 2004. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
This forest scenery never existed except for in Demand’s studio, where more than a hundred thousand leaves where hung with strings, and everything carefully staged. The photo hangs in one of the beautiful glass corridors that run through the gardens of the museum, where the boundaries between inside and outside blur. These glass framed views of cultured nature from the outside gardens are then reflected back onto the photo’s surface according to your changing position and light conditions. Standing in front of the photo, trying to enter the scenery with your gaze, you are then suddenly transported back outside in the gardens, like being suspended between two realms of constructed nature. #fakenature #anthropocene

A great artist has passed away. RIP #PerKirkeby (1938-2018)

Riverbed - inside a museum (is there an outside?) As seen (and felt) from a pair of feet. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2014

Four handgardens, 2008

The broken stone series, 1997

Geologist Minik Rosing, whom the studio has collaborated with on a number of projects, including Ice Watch, presents a very old stone at Life Is Space, 2014

Does our notion of nature make sense in the age of the anthropocene? We are continuing our investigation - today through the artistic lens of Alicja Kwade.
#fakenature #anthropocene

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