‘Sustainability research lab’, 2020, now on view at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, until 27 September.
Video by SHIMURAbros, music by mamoru
Visit Sometimes the river is the bridge

‘The mediated motion’, 2001, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria (photos: Markus Tretter)

‘Eine Beschreibung einer Reflexion, oder aber eine angenehme Übung zu deren Eigenschaften’, 1995 (photo: Anders Sune Berg). Now on view as part of ‘In real life’ @MuseoGuggenheim in Bilbao.

Olafur, along with 100 other artists, has donated a work for the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe art lottery, organised to raise money for UNHCR's worldwide life-saving operations and projects and initiatives of refugees in Germany. uno-fluechtlingshilfe.de/art/ #jennyholzer #juliusvonbismarck

Asad Raza, ‘Absorption’, 2019 – part of the exhibition ‘Down to Earth’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau

‘Riverbed’, 2014, installed @QAGOMA in Brisbane, 2019 (photo: Natasha Harth)

‘Ventilator’, 1997, installed @Tate Modern, London, 2019 (photo: Anders Sune Berg)

It's time to #FaceTheClimateEmergency! Today Olafur signed this urgent open letter to global leaders, written by the inspirational young climate activists @Luisamneubauer, @GretaThunberg, @AnunaDe, & @AdelaideCharli2. Everyone is invited to sign & share! climateemergencyeu.org/#letter

Since the beginning of July, the kids of @EarthSpeakr have been sharing their messages. Are you listening? Download the app and encourage a kid to share their own message. Adults can also create their own ‘Loud Speakrs’ to amplify kids’ voices. earthspeakr.art

Today's e-flux announcement about 'Sometimes the river is the bridge' @MOT_art_museum, along with some lovely Instagram photos from recent visitors to the exhibition. e-flux.com/announcements/…

Kindred books found in the exhibition ‘Down to Earth’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. Many of these books also happen to be included in our studio ‘Research map’, installed as part of Olafur’s current solo exhibition ‘In real life’ @MuseoGuggenheim olafureliasson.net/researchmap/

Research materials used to create ‘Ice lab’, 2020. Several 3D prints are installed as part of Olafur’s current exhibition ‘Sometimes the river is the bridge’ @MOT_art_museum in Tokyo. olafureliasson.net/sometimesthebr…

Some different installations of Olafur's work ‘Green river’: The Northern Fjallabak Route, Iceland, 1998. Stockholm, Sweden, 2000. Bremen, Germany, 1998 (photo: Helmut Wieben). Los Angeles, USA, 1999.

The recent publication ‘Poetry Jazz: Wax and Gold’ – in Amharic, English, and German – collects the voices of poets, wordsmiths, sound artists, musicians, composers, and translators based in Ethiopia, Germany, the United States, and South Africa. Visit: raumexperimente.net/en/single/poet… https://t.co/YH0gFCyEDY

Painted driftwood, as part of the ‘Sustainability research lab’, 2020 (photo: Kazuo Fukunaga). ‘Sometimes the river is the bridge’ is on view @MOT_art_museum in Tokyo until 27 September. olafureliasson.net/sometimesthebr…

Today, 115 artworks by 95 internationally acclaimed contemporary artists, including Olafur, will be auctioned off at Charlottenborg Festsal in Copenhagen, between 13:00–16:00. All proceeds go to @Trampolinehuset 's work for refugees and asylum seekers. trampolinehouse.dk/ourprogram/wee…