Olafur Eliasson Current
Works & Projects
Institut für Raumexperimente
Little Sun

Selected Works and Projects


    2013 A view becomes a window
Connecting cross country with a line
Den trekantede himmel
Your embodied garden
    2012 Cold wind sphere
Homage to P.Schatz
Polar current
Parabolic light
The hut series
The volcano series
Your emergence (blue to red)
Your light movement

Fašade for Harpa Reykjavik
Concert Hall and Conference Centre

Movement microscope
Seu corpo da obra (Your body of work)

Seu planeta compartilhado (Your
shared planet)

Your rainbow panorama

    2010 Din blinde passager
Innen Stadt Aussen
Multiple shadow house
The curious museum
Your blind movement
    2009 360º compass
Berliner Treibholz, 2009-10
Sunspace for Shibukawa
The moving museum
Your atmospheric colour atlas
Your making things explicit
Your watercolour horizon


    2008 Melting ice on Gunnar's land
Mirror door (spectator); Mirror door
(user); Mirror door (visitor)

Take your time
Tellurium for A. P. Møller Skolen
The colour circle series, part 1
The colour circle series, part 2
The colour circle series, part 3
The inside of outside
The New York City Waterfalls
Your gyroscope


    2007 Cartographic series IV
Colour square sphere
Polyphonic house
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007
The large glacier surfer
To lufthuller med lys
Your mobile expectations: BMW
H2R project


    2006 Light lab, test I-XII
Music wall
The Domadalur daylight series (north)
The Domadalur daylight series (south)
The inverted campfire series
The morning small cloud series
TV lamp
Your negotiable panorama
Your uncertainty of colour
matching experiment

Your waste of time
Your wave is


    2005 Jokla series
Notion motion
Round rainbow
The collectivity project
The colour spectrum series
The glacierhouse effect versus
the greenhouse effect

Your black horizon
Your invisible house
    2004 Cartographic series III
Frost activity
Opera house chandeliers
The descent series
Trollakrokar series
Your space embracer
    2003 La situazione antispettiva
Model room
Reykjavik series
Sonne statt Regen
The blind pavilion
The weather project
    2002 360° room for all colours
Cartographic series II
Lava floor
Quasi brick wall
Remagine (large version)
The horizon series
Your spiral view
    2001 The fault series
The mediated motion
    2000 Cartographic series I
Fivefold tunnel
The movement meter for Lernacken
The inner kaleidoscope
Your now is my surroundings
    1999 1m³ light
Double sunset
The lighthouse series
    1998 5-dimensionel pavillon
Green river
Ice pavilion
Yellow fog
    1997 Erosion
Room for one colour
Your sun machine
    1996 The waterfall series  
    1995 Eine Beschreibung einer Reflexion, oder aber eine angenehme Übung zu deren Eigenschaften  
    1994 Moss wall  
    1993 Beauty  
    1992 Expectations  
    1991 I grew up in solitude and silence  
    1990 Window projection